The Lazer GRN ng

Laser, 4P, Cutting

Automation to achieve more. Productivity at its pinnacle-for any diamond processor, this can be the magic potion of all business strategies. For a diamond processor like you, nothing can be better than achieving minimum weight-loss, minimum breakage & maximum production uptime. The challenge is, getting all these in a single machine. But not anymore, we have indigenously developed a machine the highly advanced LAZER GRN ng that has all the capabilities of being your the DREAM MACHINE !

Compatible with Robocut

Our Features

The LAZER GRN ng is designed in such a way that it rapidly cuts diamonds at maximum possible watts, resulting into greater output in less time. More importantly, this rapid speed is achieved while ensuring minimum breakage, because of the highest precision.
The LAZER GRN ng uses the green laser, which works on short wavelength and provides fierce power and precision. The accuracy in cutting results into minimum weight loss and lowest possible breakage and hence more yield per cut diamond.
The superlative accuracy of the stable beam profile ensures fine and smooth cutting surface of the diamond, again increasing its value.
The most advanced software and user-friendly software is quite simple in use and also decreases the man machine intervention significantly which eventually results in minimum possible human error. The rigid frame structure of LAZER GRN ng lowers the vibrations of machine and better ergonomics helps in fatigueless working.

Striking Features

Reliable Consistency Provides dependable performance in Sawing, 4P, 5P and Blocking.

Advanced Beam Quality Produced by exceptionally engineered diode.

Unique Hermetic Sealed Resonator Box Ideal for longer life of optical components.

Design to Deliver Designed for performace stability to achieve optimum production with most precise cutting.

Smart and User-friendly MMI Reduces operator's mistakes and enhances cutting operation.

Appealing Aesthetics Futuristic design with corrosion resistant aluminum composite panel gives pleasant and elegant look to the machine.

High Uptime An insightful design assures you of minimum maintenance which eventually results into high uptime of the machine.

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  • Dimensions : : 1.34m (4’ 5’’); 0.73m (2’ 4”); 1.46m (4'8") (L x W x H)

  • Weight : 460 kg approx

  • Axis Travel : (X, Y, Z) – (130mm, 130mm, 60mm)

  • Laser Profile : Nd:YAG @532nm, TEMoo - Diode Pumped Solid State

  • Operating Voltage : Single Phase, 230VAC, 12Amp, 50/60Hz

  • Output Power : >15watts @7 kHZ
Choose your Variants Lazer GRN ng Lazer GRN ng-e Lazer GRN ng-i Lazer GRN ng-ie
Laser Processing*
Pie - Sawing (Automatic & Manual)
Double Side Sawing
Single Side Sawing
Multi Side Skin Banding Feature
Magnus Ace Compitibity - For Optimum Productivity
*Subjected to kit Avaibility        
Auto Frequency
Auto Current
Safety Interlocks
Automatic die selction (No Jogging)
Auto Center(Fixture)
High Grade Componants        
Silent Light Diode Pump Module (USA)
Harmetic Sealed Resonator Box
Highly Stable Frame Structure (Welded MS Frame with Composite Structure)
High Quality Power Supply (Imported)
High Quality Cooling System (Imported)