diamond cutting

The Lazer NXT

Boost up your profitability in Sawing, 4P, 5P and Blocking operations by teaming up with our marvelous performer. Introducing the next generation and the most compact laser machine of the industry, Lazer NXT.

Improving and increasing productivity is an endless theme for the manufacturer. It just means that the more productive you will be, the more profit you will gain. With its amazingly compact size, our mighty performer Lazer NXT allows you to install more machines per room to gain the maximum production in the minimum space.

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Tremendous Consistence, Highly efficient and balanced in all Sawing, 4P, 5P and Blocking operations

A uniquely developed hermetic sealed resonator box ensures the longer life of the optical components.

You can install maximum number of machines per room because size does matter

A methodologically engineered diode module generates an exceptional beam quality and stability throughout the entire cutting operation, which minimizes the chances of weight loss and breakage of the diamond stone.

A smartly designed machine that is high in performance & lowest in maintenance.

A highly rigid frame structure and specially designed base of the machine minimizes the vibration of the machine.

Easily adaptable software saves time and reduces operator mistakes.

Furnished with an aluminum composite panel (Corrosion resistance), which gives a pleasant and elegant look to the machine.