The Magnus Ace

Magnus ACE is an excellent add-on to save time and money as it sets the bending and sawing parameters with high speed and accuracy.

>During the process, one need not stop the laser-sawing machine for setting of bending and sawing parameters, it keeps on running. This helps to save a good amount of time otherwise.As it’s a fully automated system chances of human errors are almost nil.

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The user-friendly software for MAGNUS ACE is exclusively designed to determine the best parameters for bending and sawing rough diamonds.

The entire workload of bending and sawing parameters setting is transferred from laser cutting machine to MAGNUS ACE, thus, giving more time to laser cutting machine to increase its productivity.

Entire process of setting bending and sawing parameters is done in a rapid and precise manner by advanced algorithm software of MAGNUS ACE, leaving no chance for any human error. This results in gaining safety assurance against breakage with weight loss from a rough diamond.

A single Magnus ACE machine can be used for 2 to 4 laser-cutting machines. This will apparently reduce the requirement of scarcely available skilled operators.

Saves time, increases productivity and gains a good reputation for your company on delivering the best possible product.

High grade optics and advanced technology clubbed in a single, compact and scratchproof body.

Proudly empowering the mission of "MAKE IN INDIA".