The Lazer Leap

Diamond Sawing, Slicing & Coring, cutting, Blocking Fancy Shape, 3D Shaping

Experience the epitome of precision in diamond 3D shaping with LAZER LEAP, a cutting-edge machine designed to redefine the art of diamond processing. Crafted for excellence, LAZER LEAP stands as the pinnacle solution for both round and fancy shaping applications. Available in both IR and Green Laser variants, its compact and sleek design optimizes workspace efficiency. This advanced machine guarantees the best smooth surface finish, minimal weight loss, and consistently accurate shaping results. Operating LAZER LEAP is a seamless endeavour with its user-friendly interface and advanced software, making it the preferred choice for transforming rough diamonds into exquisite masterpieces.


LAZER LEAP goes beyond conventional limits, showcasing its proficiency in crafting

diamonds into a myriad of fancy shapes. From classic emerald to intricate marquise,

its advanced technology ensures precision, enabling you to create bespoke,

one-of-a-kind masterpieces that captivate and delight.

Diamond Sawing, Slicing & Coring, cutting, Blocking Fancy Shape, 3D Shaping

Key Features

Compact and Sleek Design
LAZER LEAP integrates a space-efficient and modern design, optimizing workspace while delivering exceptional 3D shaping capabilities.

Optimal Surface Smoothness
Achieve unparalleled smoothness in diamond surfaces, enhancing the visual appeal of each shaped stone with precision and finesse.

Minimal Weight Loss
Experience minimal weight loss during the shaping process, preserving the integrity and value of diamonds.

Consistently Accurate Results
LAZER LEAP ensures consistently accurate shaping results, maintaining precision across a variety of diamond shapes and sizes.

Intuitive Operation
Streamline your workflow with LAZER LEAP's user-friendly interface, ensuring intuitive and efficient diamond shaping operations.

Advanced Software Capabilities
Navigate shaping processes effortlessly with LAZER LEAP's advanced software, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for operators at all skill levels.

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  • Dimension: 0.76m (2’6”) x 1.20m (3’11”) x 1.50m (4’11”) (L x W x H)

  • Weight: Approx. 300kg (661.3 lbs)

  • Axis Travel: 130mm (X), 130mm (Y), 60mm (Z)

  • Laser Profile: Nd Yag @1064nm (IR) @532nm(GRN), TEMoo – Diode Pumped Solid State

  • Operating Voltage: Single Phase, 230 VAC, 12Amps, 50/60Hz

  • Output Power: IR@1064 nm > 20W@10KHz, Green@532nm > 15W@7KHz

  • Available in Green Laser and Infrared variants.

Diamond Sawing

Diamond Slicing

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