diamond cutting

The Lazer Astra

LAZER ASTRA is equipped with most innovative GALVO technology for diamond sawing. The Biggest benefit of the LAZE ASTRA is that it has capability of increasing your production efficiency by 35% which means more revenue in less time. The Machine is designed to provide LAZER ASTRA works on most advanced galvo technology which requires lower maintenance, and the machine can work unceasingly for an extensive period which increases your overall strength of sawing the diamond. Even working at a high speed, the machine gives you the same high accuracy in each sawing process. The machine is compatible with Magnus Ace which helps you LAZER ASTRA is designed to be easily integrated with MAGNUS ACE which can save your time and increases the production. Also, the most critical pie-cut can be managed by upgrading the machine. The most advanced Software makes this machine easy to operate for even a beginner.

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Designed to Increase Production
LAZER ASTRA is capable to increase the production up to 35% which can increase your speed of the revenue cycle.

Magnus ACE Compatible
Connect easily with Magnus ACE which will reduce your time of setting the diamond into the machine.

MEG PIE Compatible
For the most complicated pie-cut of the rough diamond MEG PIE feature can be incorporated with the machine.

Best Result in Pie Sawing
The pie sawing is where you need most precise results, this machine gives the accurate results effortless.

Easy to Operate
The machine procedure is very easy and even any beginner can understand the operation so easily and which reduces the training period.

Advanced Software
Easily adaptable software saves time and reduces operator mistakes and gives you best sawing results.

Low Maintenance
A smartly designed machine that is high in performances and low in maintenance for your long-term use.