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Slicing Operation

STPL's commitment to cutting-edge technology extends to our CVD Slicing Machine, LAZER AIM, available in both green and infrared laser variants. Engineered for precise and efficient CVD slicing, it minimizes post-cutting polishing while ensuring exceptional quality. Our smart software, powered by AI excellence, brings user-friendliness and advanced capabilities together, allowing for accurate slicing with remarkable speed. Experience the future of diamond slicing with LAZER AIM.

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Minimum KERF
Machines works on the high quality laser beam, which has shortest wavelength. The accuracy of advanced laser results into the minimum weight loss and reduce the possibility of KERF loss of your diamond.

Superiorly Smooth Cutting Surface
The superlative accuracy of the stable beam profile ensures tine and smooth cutting surface in every process which maintains the value of your precious stone.

Precisely Engineered Beam Profile
The machines feature a beam profile that leads to the lowest possible kerf, minimizing material wastage and increasing the efficiency of the slicing process.

Minimum Possible Taper with Almost Nil Carbon Haze
Our Slicing Machines deliver precise cuts with minimal taper and virtually no carbon haze, guaranteeing top-notch quality.

Easy Batch Operation
The ability to perform batch operations streamlines the diamond slicing process, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Smart Software, Powered by AI Excellence
The integrated AI-driven software offers advanced functionality while remaining user-friendly, ensuring ease of operation and optimal results.