diamond cutting

The Optima II Fiber

An entirely new technology introduced in the Diamond 4P process. OPTIMA II FIBER increases your production with excellent smooth surface and top-class 4P shape with line to line cutting. It increases the value of your diamond with its excellence and accuracy. The machine is designed in a way that requires minimum maintenance that means no idle time and maximum production. OPTIMA II FIBER is future proof with ROBOMATIC 2.0 which gives you liberty to process 600 diamonds effortless with the help of single operators. It is made to give you production 24x7. Overall, the machine is made for Super accuracy, smooth surface and to increase the total production.

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Most Compact 4P Machine
With machines compact design, it’s easy to keep multiple units at a small place and can utilize your space for maximum production.

Accurate and Proportional 4P shape
Advanced laser beams make sure that the accuracy and the required 4P shapes are perfectly obtained.

OPTIMUS Software
STPL in house software made so user-friendly that any operator can quickly learns the operation.

ROBOMETIC 2.0 Compatible
Increase your production with less resources, automation of ROBOMATIC 2.0 will process 600 diamond automatically one by one.

Non-stop Production
It is design to work for 24x7 to ensure you reach your production target within the timeline and increases your revenue.

Low Maintenance
It’s a technology of today’s era, the machine is smart and resist the breakdown. The components like diode, Q-Switch, RF, Power Supply, and cooling system are totally maintenance free.

Zero Alignment Problem
OPTIMA II FIBER has made without any additional lance or optics which removes any chances of power drop which leads to zero alignment problem.