The Magnus Digital

The Fastest Planner on Earth

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Enthrall yourself with the power packed Magnus. Made from high-grade materials and exemplary craftsmanship, the Magnus Digital is an exceptional blend of robust technology and compact design. It achieves the most precise measurement of rough stones with highest production in its class.

With a sleek scratch-resistant aluminum body, production speed of 78 stones/hour* and a splendid vision quality by color camera & five zone lighting, the new Magnus Digital reshapes the diamond planning experience to the next level.


Advanced Planning Algorithms

Equipped with advanced planning algorithms like plan-by-whole, plan-by-value, plan by weight, twins planning, etc.

User Friendly Functions

Other user friendly functions like combine mapping, dynamic saw plane, top listed, pie-sawing, etc.


An accurate diamond re-measure facility


Inclusion detection**

Remote Stations

Multiple, remote stations connections

Operator Skilled

It can be achieved by skilled operator and applicable for the stone size of 1 cent to 40 cents

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The Fastest Planner on Earth