The Fifth C of Confidence


Security is the most essential "facet" when dealing with diamonds because when you’ve made restless efforts to make them flawless, getting them switched or stolen can be detrimental to your business.

Smart-i15 senses the optical characteristics of the polished diamond and stores it for its identification and verification. By giving it a unique "fingerprint" based on its optical characteristics, it ensures that no one can switch your diamond on purpose or by accident.



User controllable architecture


Wide database connectivity

Compatible with ERP

Compatible with your existing ERP/Control software

Verify or Identify Diamond

Register the diamond once and verify or identify it at any of your sales offices located in various locations of the world.

Image Processing Algorithm

Smart-i15 deploys fast and sophisticated image processing algorithm to bring down the time of requested operation within less than 20 seconds.

Conventional Methods

Unlike the conventional methods the identity generated by Smart-i15 cannot be erased or changed by any means or medium. So no one can change it, not even you!

Uniquely Non-Invasive

The technology employed by Smart-i15 is uniquely non-invasive. So there is no need for any further alteration or any markings on the polished diamond and as such preserving its beauty.

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The Fifth C of Confidence