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Coring Operation

STPL proudly presents the cutting-edge technology of CVD diamond processing with our LAZER AIM machine, available in both infrared and green laser variants. This machine has been meticulously engineered to revolutionize the coring process, offering unprecedented efficiency, precision, and flexibility. With STPL's Coring Machine, you can maximize production in minimal time, achieve flawless edge cutting, and explore limitless possibilities in 2D shaping of diamonds. Our smart software and batch operation capability make diamond coring an effortless endeavor, reducing the workload on operators and ensuring impeccable results.

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Excellent Power Stability
The most advanced laser beam has the best-in-class stability which gives you high precision CVD processing leads to desired accuracy.

Accurate Edge Cutting
Leave no room for inaccuracy with our machines, ensuring perfectly cut diamond corners every time.

Freedom of Shapes
STPL's Coring Machines offer the versatility to work with any 2D shapes, allowing your creativity to shine through in diamond designs.

High Productivity
Though machine is fast and accurate, the output quality can't be compromised. Machines are powerful to provide all at once. i.e., Speed and Accuracy.

Smart Software & Batch Operation
The intelligent software, combined with batch operation capabilities, simplifies the process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Reliable Consistency
Machines are designed in a way that it gives you steady performance each CVD operation. It can work for hours with the same quality and speed output.