diamond cutting

The Lazer Supra

The LAZER SUPRA offers it all that makes to produce the greatest revenue spawning, finest Lab Grown Diamonds from the raw ones. It is capable to achieve superior smooth surface with least possible chance of the breakage and gives the desired outcome. The Infrared laser beam ensures the slicing or coring process is performed exactly as per the calibration with least error, provides better accuracy. The machine is made for easy operation which helps operator to understand easily and can be used to within very short period of times.

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Low in Weight Loss
The powerful IR laser cuts the diamond in a way that the chances of weight loss decreases and the value of diamond increases.

Better Power Stability
The power stability of IR laser is reliable, it gives you the best accuracy which leads to best results.

Smooth Cutting Surface
Smartly Designed and engineered diode provides a stable beam which results into best possible smooth surface preventing the possible damage.

Get Higher Production
Designed to perform at its best in every process, the LAZER SUPRA achieves seamless swift coring & slicing and can provide the desired outcome.

Less Man-Machine interaction
It has an advantage of intelligent software which automatically sets optimized laser parameters based on the size of the diamond which reduces the human error like anything.

Advance Smart Software
Made with rich insights, STPL own made software is loaded with features that empower the operator to serve with wide range of unusual needs.

User Friendly Operating System
The entire operation is very friendly, and one does not need to put any extra efforts to understand, the machine is made with the easy operating systems.