Company Profile

Incorporated in 1993, STPL is engaged in developing cutting edged technological solutions for the diamond industry.

STPL is one of the very few global companies that offer total technology solutions for diamond manufacturing, including diamond analysis and planning, processing, blocking and polishing as well as safe diamond trading. As a trendsetter of the industry, STPL pioneered the laser diamond cutting technology in India. Today, the advanced technologies solutions offered by STPL leverage the promising laser technology and ensure higher productivity at lesser costs. The solutions focus on optimizing automation and eliminating the resource consuming finishing operations.

The company also offers wide range of variants of is product to suite diverse needs and budgets. Sound technological competence and value driven approach has put STPL on the global map of diamond processing industry. At STPL, engineering excellence is merged with core values of quality, safety, integrity and responsibility.

STPL Strengths

Reasons that make STPL the market leader in supply of diamond manufacturing machineries.

Total technological solutions from one source


Innovation driven approach, augmented by quality


Customer centric product development


Advanced R&D and manufacturing facilities


Well-qualified team, talented in laser, computer science, electronics, mechanics and management


Value for money products and variants


Dynamic marketing and service teams


Large clientele across the globe


Solutions at a Glance

STPL offers advanced solutions for each diamond manufacturing stage

Diamond Analysis & Planning

Ability to make out maximum yield from a raw diamond defines the profitability in diamond industry. This is the key aspect of the trade that used to require highly individualistic skill.

Advanced planners from STPL makes the task completely technology driven, ensuring rapid analysis for achieving optimum Carat, Clarity and Cut.

The planners, in fractions of minutes, analyze rough diamond, taking into consideration all critical aspects like indentations, cavities, inclusions and cut grading proportions. Based on the accurate geometrical scanning and analysis, they present the desired best value plan with quality marking lines as a guideline for further diamond processing.


Diamond Processing

Laser works best when it comes to sawing the hardest material on earth – the diamond.

STPL has pioneered in putting laser at work in this highly precision requiring task. Taking clues from the guidelines provided by the planners, the laser systems undertake sawing, cutting and bruiting of the diamond.

The highly dependable, automated and safe process results into high productivity at lesser costs, eliminating the resource consuming finishing operations.