diamond cutting

The Robocut Pro

Laser, 4P, Cutting

Introducing ROBOCUT PRO, the cutting-edge diamond sawing robot seamlessly compatible with our revolutionary machine, LAZER AIM. Unleash efficiency with 50 diamond sawing actions at once, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and significant time savings. Operate multiple machines effortlessly with one operator, embracing simplicity and superior results in diamond processing.


Advanced Automation
ROBOCUT PRO automates the diamond sawing process, minimizing manual intervention and maximising efficiency.

High Load Capacity
With the ability to load up to 50 diamonds at once, ROBOCUT PRO optimizes production rates and enhances throughput.

Precision Engineering
Each cut executed by ROBOCUT PRO is precise and consistent, ensuring uniform quality across all diamond cuts.

Reduced Labor Dependency
By reducing the need for skilled operators, ROBOCUT PRO streamlines operations and lowers labor costs.

Enhanced Quality Control
With advanced sensors and monitoring systems, ROBOCUT PRO maintains strict quality control standards throughout the sawing process.

Improved Profitability
The combination of increased production rates and consistent quality results in higher profitability for diamond manufacturers, making ROBOCUT PRO an invaluable asset in the production pipeline.


Diamond Sorting

Assorting machine