Surat based STPL, the world's premier diamond processing solutions provider, has once again made the city, state, and the nation proud!

A prestigious publication has included Mr. Munjal Gajjar, Vice President of research and development at STPL Company, on its list of the Top One Hundred Most Innovative People in the Photonics Industry. Electro Optics is famous for offering dependable and accurate information and analysis regarding the photonics industry throughout Europe and the world. The magazine creates an annual list entitled "The Photonics 100" to recognise individuals who have made excellent and substantial contributions to the industry worldwide.

In addition to independent and in-depth editorial content, Electro Optics provides readers with news about the most recent technological advancements, trends, and perspectives in the photonics business. This article is intended for engineers working in the business, technology, and applications of photonics.

STPL brings India yet another honour to India

Photonics is the field of physics that studies light rays. It is a vital topic in the science and industry of utilising light, and in particular laser beams, for a variety of life applications.

Through pioneering research in the field of photonics, particularly laser technology, Mr. Munjal Gajjar of STPL Company has significantly impacted the transformation of the whole diamond processing industry in the country. He contributed to the development of solutions and techniques that broke new ground and established new trends, so significantly altering the diamond processing industry in India and worldwide.
With the same zeal, he devised a plethora of solutions for the medical industry, especially for the manufacturing of stents and balloons, and he instrumented these solutions. Over the years, nine patent applications have been lodged under his name.

Mr. Munjal has consistently fostered a culture of innovation and excellence because of his extensive skills, insights, and expertise in several industries. Through his efforts, he has guaranteed that the new solutions, services, and business models not only meet but greatly surpass the expectations of the target audience, and that they are easily scalable to suit the needs of a growing client base.
He has demonstrated without a reasonable doubt that innovation is designed to be an eternally continuous process that consistently yields new discoveries.