diamond cutting

The Lazer Supra 532

Highly precise to achieve desire results not just more but better as well. Productivity at its pinnacle-for any Lab Grown Diamond process, this can be the magic potion of all business strategies. For a Lab Grown Diamond’s Slicing and coring process accurate beam quality, precise cutting and smooth surface makes the game winning aspects. LAZER SUPRA 532 has developed indigenously and it has all to give you the desired slicing and coring result.

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Minimum Weight Loss
LAZER SUPRA 532 works on the green laser, which has shortest waveleanght. The accuracy of green laser results into the minimum weight loss and reduce the possibility of weight loss of your diamond.

Excellent Power Stability
The most advanced green laser has the best-in-class stability which gives you high precision diamond sawing leads to desired accuracy.

Superiorly Smooth Cutting Surface
The superlative accuracy of the stable beam profile ensures tine and smooth cutting surface in every coring and slicing process which maintains the value of your precious stone.

High Productivity
Though machine is fast and accurate, the output quality can't be compromised. Machine is powerful to provide all at once. i.e., Speed and Accuracy.

Reliable Consistency
The machine is designed in a way that it gives you steady performance in slicing and coring operations. You can work on the machine for hours with the same quality and speed output.

Ultra-Modern Software
Ultra-Dodern software ensures that your operator is convenient on every process and the data of all the angles are provided in time while slicing and coring of a Lab Grown Diamond.