diamond cutting

The Lazer Omni

Most Advanced GALVO 4P Machine Effective for upto size of 18mm rough diamond. Now, Get the 4P Shapes you like. A state-of-the-art GALVO 4P machine moves the high-level laser beam with absolute precision. gives the diamond its accurate 4P shape of any size of diamond easily. It takes least time; Hence, you will be able to survive in the profit competition. Modern and aureate, the laser beam quickly shapes the diamond and increases productivity. The special feature of LAZER OMNI is that this machine has designed to increase your production and can be used for all the sizes. i.e., Even an 18mm diamond can be given a 4P shape very easily. The machine is so easy to operate which doesn’t required special skills and any operator can get the desired results with less efforts.

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An Identical 4P Shape
Get the accurate shape of your precious stone as per your desire and increase and maintain the value of the diamond.

Amazing Smooth Surface
The more surface, the higher the value of the diamond LAZER OMNI gives you the best possible surface which makes the polishing easy and quick.

Accurate Result Consistently
Consistency in result is the hidden key feature of LAZER OMNI where you will be relaxed on the accurate consistency.

Increased Production
The process of LAZER OMNI is so fast that it can increase your production capacity up to 35% with the same consistency and accuracy.

For all Size of Diamonds
Galvo technology is so precise and can work on all size of diamonds, up to 18mm size of diamond can be processed easily on LAZER OMNI, Best for large size diamonds.

Easy Maintenance
A Smartly Designed machine that is high in performance & Lowest in maintenance.

Excellent Body Design
Furnished with an aluminium composite panel which give a pleasant and elegant look to LAZER OMNI.

Easy Software
Easily adaptable software saves time and reduces operator mistakes which saves you damages to the diamonds.