Surat-based STPL named as “One of the Most Innovative Companies” by CII

STPL, a global pioneer in diamond processing solutions headquartered in Surat, has been selected to the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) "50 Most Innovative Companies" list for 2022.

STPL Company has provided the diamond industry with fresh developments and solutions on a consistent basis. In addition to laser technology, the company has created cutting-edge artificial intelligence and robotics-based diamond processing technologies, which earned it a spot on this distinguished list.

One of the Most Innovative Companies

STPL has spent years developing diamond processing technology based on lasers. The introduction of laser technology and other automation-based technologies by STPL have revitalised the Indian diamond industry. The company's actions revitalised the entire industry, and diamond processing facilities in India shone brightly around the world. Laser technology has improved the precision and speed of every stage of diamond processing, resulting in increased output and revenue. India's diamond industry has begun to grow exponentially.

Utilising a huge array of technologies and a value-driven approach, STPL has established a distinct and incredibly potent identity in the diamond processing industry. Today, STPL has deployed over 12,000 diamond processing technology solutions in more than 25 countries and six continents.

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